Our Story

Cuestión Spirits is rooted in the belief that everything in life should be questioned. For it is the pursuit of wisdom, wonder, and shared adventure that makes life itself worth living. Cuestión translates to, a question asked intentionally, for the purpose of exploring and uncovering the truth.

Socrates once said “All knowledge starts with doubt”. In the wise words of CEO Jason Fandrich, “All understanding begins with a question”

In 2007, During a serendipitous encounter at a tequila-tasting event in Playa de Carmen, Mexico, where distiller Jose de Jesus Dominguez and Jason Fandrich crossed paths. As a practitioner of the alchemistic arts, Figueroa’s early tequila production left a lasting impression on Fandrich. Inspired by Jose’s passion and precision in his craft Jason found himself questioning everything he thought he knew about the native spirit. The two struck up a friendship that became the inception of Cuestión Spirits Company, Inc. to produce the highest quality tequila

Socrates once said “All knowledge starts with doubt”. Our story began with a question. What attributes define a tequila truly remarkable? Why?  

Exploring these questions opened up the door for more “cuestións. Why choose tradition over convenience? The two spent the following years meticulously questioning each detail of production, with the intent of producing the world finest ultra- premium tequila. In pursuit to further master their craft , Figueroa or master distiller honed his skills and became a Tequiliera y Catador – Experto en Tequila. Along with our CEO Jason who is one of a handful an Experto Catador y Tequlieras in the US.

In 2011, Cuestión Spirits Company, Inc. debuted in Nashville, TN, bringing its exceptional tequila to the United States. Cuestión Tequila garnered over 20 prestigious awards within its first year of release. For over a decade we have been committed to the craft of distilling remarkable tequila, bridging tradition with modernity. 

Questioning is the art of learning, and learning to ask important questions is the best evidence of understanding there is.

Cultivated through a combination of curiosity, craftsmanship, and tradition every sip of Cuestion Tequila tells a story. Our unique bottle shape, resembling an inverted question mark “¿,” pays tribute to our founders shared commitment to #cuestioneverything and serves as a reminder to always question the world around us.

Each of our expressions of agave are the fruits of our labor of love. Whether you’re enjoying the crisp, lively notes of our blanco or savoring the layered complexity of our añejo.

We pride ourselves in the use of traditional processes to showcase how the spirit has evolved so much yet maintained constant cultural impact through generations. Made with 100% pure blue Weber agave we are honored to create and supply some of the smoothest and highest quality tequila in the world

Cuestión Tequila, the only answer. 🥃🌵

Production Process

Cuestión Tequila represents the pinnacle of traditional tequila craftsmanship, distilled from 100% Blue Weber Agave sourced from the fertile Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. In this challenging yet nurturing environment, the agave plants flourish, developing a higher sugar content that translates into a fuller, more vibrant flavor profile. The agave takes up to a decade to reach its peak maturity. At this point, our experienced jimadores handpick the finest agave hearts, or piñas, transporting them to our distillery for the next production stage.

Upon arrival, the piñas are carefully halved and then gently roasted in an autoclave for 7 to 10 hours, a critical process that transforms the fibers, caramelizing the natural sugars without introducing any external contaminants such as fuel, propellants, or carcinogens. This meticulous approach ensures the purity and essence of the agave are preserved, resulting in a cleaner, more authentic taste.

After cooking, the agave is milled, releasing the sweet agave juice, which undergoes a 96-hour fermentation period. This extended fermentation enriches the flavor, creating a rich and complex wort, or “mosto,” which is double-distilled in copper pots. The remainder is transferred into Tennessee whiskey barrels and then aged nine months for our reposado and eighteen months for our Añejo.